Unveiling the Rare „Predator“ Prototype

Hey, vape community! Get ready to feast your eyes on something truly extraordinary – my one-of-a-kind „Predator“ prototype tube in raw titanium! 🌟
This isn’t just another mod; it’s a rare gem, the „Vap’n Cloud Edition“ of the „Predator.“ Crafted from raw titanium, this 21700 tube is a masterpiece that stands out in any collection. Its unique design and limited availability make it a true collector’s item. 🚀

What makes this prototype so special? Besides its stunning raw titanium finish, it’s built for performance and durability. This mod is not just a showpiece; it’s engineered to deliver unparalleled vaping experiences with every puff. 🗣️💨
For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the „Predator“ prototype is the epitome of elegance and power. It’s a conversation starter, a statement of style, and a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into every CompLyfe creation. 🌪️

So, vape enthusiasts, are you ready to elevate your collection with this rare beauty?

Featuring my Comp Lyfe Setup of the day:

Comp Lyfe „Predator“, Proto (Raw-Ti) 21700

☠️ Comp Lyfe „Battle Deck #24“ with Silver pin/post (Raw-Ti screws)
🧢 Comp Lyfe „Grenade Cap“, Jason Machete (Raw-Ti)
⭐ Comp Lyfe „Mini Tip“ (Brass/Black)
🏠 Comp Lyfe „Lowrider saw Housing“ (Brass/Black)
🔘 Copm Lyfe „Collector Series“ Button (Brass/Black+Blue)
👑 Comp Lyfe 510pin (Silver) + Lowrider Magnets


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You can find more photos of my Comp Lyfe Mods >here< or on my private Instagram-Account!