…at the DCI has been exhilarating!

Today, I crawled deep into the rabbit-hole of the COPD. 🗣️ The insights gained were truly enlightening. The atmosphere here is electric, fuelling our exploration of complex topics. Exciting times ahead as we navigate these strategic waters. 🙇‍♂️📚

Amidst the bustling energy of Paris in spring, I took a moment to immerse myself in the city’s beauty. 🤩
One highlight was visiting the stunning „Apple Store Opéra“. The store’s historic architecture creates a striking contrast against the backdrop of modern Apple technology and products. It’s truly mesmerising how seamlessly these elements blend together in this vibrant city. 🍏

📌 Next on the agenda: Further exploration of NATO’s COPD. Stay tuned for more updates!
Exciting things are in store! À demain!



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