Mach sichtbar, was vielleicht ohne dich nie wahrgenommen worden wäre.

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Letztes Wochenende haben wir einen königlichen Geburtstag gefeiert! 🎉👑

Prost König Willem-Alexander!

Zusammen mit der niederländischen Delegation vom Joint Support and Enabling Command waren wir in der historischen Wilhelmsburg-Kaserne und haben die Geburtstagsfeier für den niederländischen König Willem-Alexander zelebriert.

Es war eine herrliche Mischung aus Kultur, Tradition und Spaß, alles in „Oranje“ natürlich! 🍊
Wir sind stolz darauf, solche engen internationalen Verbindungen zu pflegen und freuen uns schon auf das nächste Fest! 🎈🎊

“I’m not a protocol fetishist. People can address me however they want. For me, it is about people feeling at ease when I’m with them.”

— König Willem-Alexander


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Hello from home! ✈️ – After a long journey back from Paris

Navigating through Charles de Gaulle and Munich airports, I’m finally back where I belong.

Leaving Paris was bittersweet, the city’s magic will always hold a special place in my heart. From breathtaking views atop the Montparnasse Tower to exploring the historic Panthéon, every moment was filled with wonder and discovery. 🗼🌟
As I reflect on my travels, I can’t help but admit that CDG and MUC are definitely not my favourite airports! 😅 Despite the challenges of travel, I’m grateful for the memories and experiences gained.

📸 Swipe through for snapshots of my Parisian journey!
Until the next adventure, I’ll cherish the inspiration and beauty of Paris. À bientôt! 🇫🇷

Bonjour from Paris! 🇫🇷 – Part four of an unforgettable Sunday!

A memorable Sunday and my final post before bidding adieu to this enchanting city!

On Sunday morning, I was treated to breathtaking views from the Montparnasse Tower, taking in Paris from above as the sun rose — truly an unforgettable start to the day! 🌅 The city’s beauty spread out before me, a tapestry of iconic landmarks and winding streets bathed in morning light. 🌟

After my tower adventure, I made sure to visit the Panthéon — an absolute „must-see“ for me. As a former citizen of Rome, I couldn’t miss experiencing Paris’s own tribute to history and grandeur. 🏛️ The echoes of ancient wisdom and artistry reverberated within those hallowed walls, adding another layer of depth to my Parisian journey.
As I prepare to depart, I reflect on the timeless allure of this city — the history, the art, the culture — all woven together in a tapestry of Parisian magic. 🥖🎨 Thank you, Paris, for the memories and inspiration.

📸 Swipe through for snapshots of this memorable day!
Until we meet again, Paris. À bientôt!

Bonjour from Paris! 🇫🇷 – Part three of an exciting weekend!

An unforgettable weekend spent exploring this captivating city!

Sunday morning started with a breathtaking view of Paris from atop the Montparnasse Tower — what an incredible way to begin the day! 🌅 Seeing the city from above was truly awe-inspiring, with iconic landmarks spread out beneath me like a sprawling masterpiece. 🌟

After my visit to the Montparnasse Tower, I set out on foot to continue my exploration of Paris.🚶‍♂️Wandering through the bustling streets, I discovered charming cafes, lively markets, and historic sites that showcase the city’s rich heritage. 🏰 Each step offered a new perspective and a deeper connection to the vibrant rhythm of Parisian life. 🥖🎨
The blend of old-world charm and modern elegance is what makes Paris truly special — every corner tells a story, and every encounter is a delightful surprise! 🌸

📸 Swipe through for snapshots of this enchanting Parisian weekend!
More adventures await as I continue to immerse myself in the magic of this captivating city. À bientôt!

Bonsoir from Paris! 🇫🇷 – Part two of a delightful Saturday!

A spectacular Saturday exploring this magnificent city!

Saturday’s adventure along the Seine was nothing short of magical, with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral providing the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments. 🚤 Each view was a masterpiece, capturing the essence of Parisian charm and history. 🌟

After my delightful boat journey, I wandered through the vibrant streets of Montmartre, discovering hidden boutiques and charming cafes tucked away in picturesque corners. 🌸 The artistic atmosphere of this neighbourhood continues to inspire!
I ventured further into Paris’s enchanting streets, stumbling upon quaint markets and lively squares filled with the buzz of local life. 🎉 Exploring on foot revealed new delights around every corner — the city’s elegant architecture and vibrant energy make every step an adventure! 🏰✨

📸 Swipe through for snapshots of this unforgettable Parisian weekend!
More discoveries await as I continue to immerse myself in the magic of this captivating city. À bientôt!

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