The „Mohegan Sun HK“ mod by Comp Lyfe!

Hey, vape aficionados! Get ready to meet the latest gem in my collection – the „Mohegan Sun HK“ mod, a true marvel in anodised titanium, expertly refined by none other than „Kev. VNC“ himself! 💥

This 2021 Edition beauty isn’t just another mod; it’s a masterpiece that embodies elegance and innovation. Crafted with precision and passion, the „Mohegan Sun HK“ boasts a knurled design that’s as stunning to behold as it is comfortable to grip. 🌪️
But let’s talk specs – this isn’t your ordinary setup. With the power of a 21700 battery, this mod delivers performance that’s second to none. It’s not just about blowing clouds; it’s about experiencing vaping at its finest. 💨💨

And the details? Oh, they’re what dreams are made of. From the anodised titanium finish that shimmers under any light to the expert touches by „Kev. VNC,“ every inch of this mod exudes craftsmanship and style. 🔆

So, vape enthusiasts, are you ready to elevate your vape game with the „Mohegan Sun HK“? Let’s celebrate the artistry of vaping and continue pushing boundaries together! 🚀💨

Featuring my Comp Lyfe Setup of the day:

Comp Lyfe “Mohegan Sun HK” (Ano-Ti) 21700

☠️ Comp Lyfe “Battle Deck #24” with Silver pin/post (Ano-Ti thermal screws)
🧢 Comp Lyfe “Magnum Battle Cap”, JTR (Brass)
⭐ Comp Lyfe “Mini Tip” (Ano-TI), matched by “Kev. VNC”
🏠 Comp Lyfe “Lowrider Housing” (Brass)
🔘 Copm Lyfe “Join the Resistance (JTR)” Button (Brass)
👑 Comp Lyfe 510pin (Silver) + Lowrider Magnets


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Georg Nahde (@paaapi_nahde)

You can find more photos of my Comp Lyfe Mods >here< or on my private Instagram-Account!