My 1st “Christmas Child” from Comp Lyfe

It’s done… my Ano-Ti Comp Lyfe “Predator Mini” setup arrived!
Thanks to “Santa Claus” for supporting this project. 🌈

Vape on, vape safe ☠️=🗣💨

Featuring my Comp Lyfe Ano-Ti “Predator Mini” *


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Georg Nahde (@paaapi_nahde)

*) Following addons:

  • Raw-Ti “Predator Cap S”
  • Brass “mini” drip tip
  • 3-Post “Battle Deck #2” with Ano-Ti screws
  • Brass “ceasefire” housing with full Silver upgrade (pin/spring)

Fired up with fresh Subohm-🐢 Coils and Cotton-🥓 on the deck… ☠️=🗣💨

You can find more photos of my Comp Lyfe Mods >here< or on my private Instagram-Account!