Featuring my Setups of the day:

Comp Lyfe “HK25”, Galaxy Edition (Ano-Ti) 18650 +
Comp Lyfe “Battlefield” (Ano-Ti) 18650

☠️ Comp Lyfe “Battle Deck #2” with solid Silver pin/post (Ano-Ti screws)
🧢 Comp Lyfe “Mini Battle Cap”, knurled (Rhodium) + “Battlefield Cap” (Rhodium)
⭐ Comp Lyfe “Standard Tip” (Ano-Ti)
🏠 Comp Lyfe “Standard Housing”, knurled (Rhodium) + “Lowrider Housing”,saw (Rhodium)
🔘 Comp Lyfe “Standard Button”,unetched (Ano-Ti)
👑 Comp Lyfe 510pin/spring (solid Silver)
🔥 Dual “Framed Staple Alien” coils by UFC/PMC
☁️ Cotton Bacon v2
🔋 Samsung INR18650-20S


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Georg Nahde (@paaapi_nahde)

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