New (re-)anodized “TacLyte” by Comp Lyfe! 💥☠️

Two Germans made some fun in the Italian FMM Waffle Group: Andreas K. decided to take the 08/15, so my answer was to take the 4-7-11.
Guess what? Now I’m the lucky winner of a brand new “Takeover” setup in Ano-Ti (Galaxy), mixed with some Raw-Ti and white-coated Brass parts. 🔥🧯

💯 Big shoutout goes out to Francesco C. and Michele P.
🙏 Special thanks to Lorenzo G. for the beautiful (re-)anodizing

Featuring my Comp Lyfe Ano-Ti “Takeover 6-bearded-skull” (18650) *


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Georg Nahde (@paaapi_nahde)

*) Setup:

  • Raw-Ti “Hacksaw Cap” with Brass (white-coated) “Mini” tip
  • Battle Deck with Silver pin/post and Ano-Ti screws
  • Brass (white-coated) housing with Raw-Ti “Collectors-Button
  • complete Silver upgrade (pin/spring)

Fired up with fresh PMC/UFC (🇮🇹) and Cotton-🥓 on the decks… ☠️=🗣💨

You can find more photos of my Comp Lyfe Mods >here< or on my private Instagram-Account!